March 2020 Release Notes



Advanced Options

  1. UseAsynchronousMetadataRead=1

    • This sets the default API to be the AMR API in order to reduce the number of calls against the tenants. This can improve migration performance when running migrations with large numbers of folders.

    • Applicable for SharePoint, OneDrive (both v1 and v2), and O365 groups migration.

    • Important Notes
      • SharePoint on-premises does not support AMR; only SharePoint Online supports AMR

      • AMR requires at least a Site Admin role or higher

        • AMR will not work with Site Owner role


Collaboration Project / Teams to Teams migration 

    1. 'Document permissions' is now not selected by default. If document permissions is selected, a confirmation alert will be prompted.
      • During a Teams migration, permissions for the files are inherited from the parent team by default. Some source files may have custom permissions due to cross-team or external-partner sharing.
      • Migrating these custom permissions happens at the file level, requiring more API calls to the source and destination, which increases the likelihood of the migration being throttled. 
      • To avoid this, we recommend not selecting this option and informing users that custom permissions will need to be re-added.
      • Refer to Teams Best Practices for more details. 
    2. Start Assessment Page Improvement 
      • Added the prerequisites / checklist before starting Teams assessment. 
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