Release Notes - June 2020


Hybrid Exchange Management

You can now create a Hybrid project to manage and migrate batches of users between On-Premises Exchange Servers and Microsoft 365 in a Hybrid Exchange environment. See our Hybrid Exchange Management Guide for more details:

G Suite (Gmail API) to Office 365

Customers can now migrate from Gmail to Office 365 using our new G Suite (Gmail API) endpoint for better security and fidelity than IMAP. Customers can use their own G Suite service account instead of using a BitTitan service account for better throughput. Refer to our new migration guide to get started.

Migration of the following item types is supported:

  • Calendars

  • Contacts

  • Mails (with two migration options)

    • Convert Labels to Folders

    • Convert Labels to Exchange categories

  • New Items:

    • Gmail Chat messages are migrated to the destination (custom folder) as an email message (without subject) by using the support advanced option “MigrateChats=1”. Attachments from chat messages are not migrated.

    • Gmail Categories (Social, Updates, Forums, Promotions) are migrated

    • Snoozed & Scheduled mails are migrated to customer folder at destination as normal mails (Snooze & Schedule properties are not migrated).


MigrationWiz Statuses

MigrationWiz project statuses have been updated to show specific migration stage/type. Previously, statuses were generic, showing a basic ‘Failed’ or ‘Submitted’ type of stage. After this improvement, each project status now shows a more detailed description based on the specific migration stage/type, e.g. ‘Failed (Verification)', ‘Completed (Pre-stage Migration)', and more.





GDrive to GDrive - Ownership migration

For GDrive to GDrive migrations, an alternative to Moderate Mode is now recommended: “DocumentBrowsingMode=FullCopy”. This option migrates all accessible content for a user, along with associated permissions.

Gmail Chats migration

For GSuite (Gmail API) to GSuite (Gmail API) migrations, Gmail chat messages can now be migrated to the destination (custom label) as an email message (without subject) by using the new advanced option “MigrateChats=1”. Attachments from chat messages are not migrated.


All Projects Page

The Project Name column size on the dashboard has been resized for user readability.

Teams to Teams Migration

Private Channel migrations: Files that are being added after renaming a private channel are now also migrated successfully. Previously, the files did not migrate over.

G Suite (Gmail API) Migrations

Fixed “Reference to a null object” migration error issue.

Fixed an edge case migration scenario - emails without labels (i.e. without inbox, category or custom user labels) which are marked as Starred/Important are now migrated successfully without error.

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