Release Notes - April 2020


G Suite (Gmail API) endpoint now available at Source

Customers can now migrate Gmail from GSuite to GSuite using the Gmail API for better security and fidelity than IMAP.

  • Currently supported only for migrations from G Suite (Gmail API) to G Suite (Gmail API)

  • Customers can use their own GSuite account instead of using BitTitan service account for better throughput

    • Need to create customer tenant service account and enable APIs

    • Can choose to have a common service account or setup separate service accounts for source and destination

    • Managed via uploading the account credentials JSON file during endpoint

    •   Refer to Set Up Google API

  • What's migrated?

    • Calendars

    • Contacts  

    • Mail

  • What new items are migrated?

    • New migration support for Gmail system labels

      • Categories : Social, Updates, Forums, Promotions

      • Bin

      • Important

  •   Enhanced handling for Snoozed & Scheduled Mails:

    • Snoozed mails migrated with ‘[Gmail]/Snoozed’ label (as normal mail without snooze properties)

    • Scheduled mails migrated with ‘[Gmail]/Scheduled’ label (as normal mail without schedule properties)

  • New migration support for Gmail custom label properties:

    • Label Color

    • Show in label list

    • Show in message list

SharePoint/OneDrive Application Permission

Enable via AdvancedOptions ‘UseApplicationPermission = 1’


Best Practice / Recommended Flow

  1. Global Admin creates new Security Group named “MigrationWiz” (at the Office 365 Admin Portal)

  2. Global Admin creates new user

  3. Global Admin adds user to security group as a member

  4. Creates MW project and fill the endpoints with the user (created above) credentials

  5. Add the advanced option UseApplicationPermission = 1


Notes specifically for OneDrive:

  • No longer need Global Admin for OneDrive migrations

  • User still needs to provide "admin" credentials in the endpoint

  • Destination user's OneDrive needs to be pre-provisioned

Notes for SharePoint:

  • Supported only for cloud-to-cloud migrations

    • Not supported for on-prem to cloud

  • No longer need Site Collection Admin credentials for SharePoint

  • AMR or the Advanced Option UseAsynchronousMetadataRead = 1 cannot be run at Source with ReadOnly App

    • User will need to use FullControl at Source for AMR and permissions migration

Teams Private Channel Update

  1. As of this release, Teams private channels do not migrate by default.

  2. To manually migrate private channels to a new destination, contact Support.

SharePoint/OneDrive v1 destination endpoints renamed

  1. Objective was to default the destination endpoints to v2 to:

    1. Discourage use of v1 unless necessary e.g. for government/delegate migrations

    2. Reduce heavy throttling

  2. Expected changes



MigrationWiz will no longer support any new Box, EML, Amazon Workmail, or Open X-Change migration projects.

  • Box as a Source endpoint has been removed. Existing Box migrations will not be impacted

  • EML, Amazon Workmail, and Open X-Change endpoints have been removed. Existing migrations will not be impacted.


Teams Assessment Performance Improvement

  • Teams assessments will see significant speed and performance improvement now that the connection to each SharePoint site is removed during the Assessment stage.

Teams - Improved SP folder tolerance

  • Previously, non-fatal SharePoint error would fail the migration

  • With this fix, non-fatal SharePoint error can be skipped so that migration does not fail  

  •  This will reduce the failure rate due to SharePoint errors

Teams - Automated folder mapping for renamed Channels

  • Previously, user had to manually add a Support Option for each channel mapping

  • With this fix, renamed channels and the mappings will be applied automatically

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