Release Notes - September, 2020


Google Drive Shortcuts

Google Drive Shortcuts can now be migrated for Google Drive to Google Drive migrations. Refer to the Google Drive to Google Drive Migration Guide for more details. 



SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams migrations now use AMR (Asynchronous Metadata Read) API by default unless the Advanced Option “DisableAsynchronousMetadataRead=1” is explicitly added. AMR API helps improve the migration performance when running migrations with large numbers of folders and is highly recommended for most migrations. 



We now offer a new advanced option for Teams to Teams migration to define the number of conversation post to migrate per team. MigrationWiz automatically migrates 60 conversations per team, distributed evenly across channels. 

This number may be increased through the use of the advanced option: TeamsMaxConversationMessage=XXXX. Replace XXXX with the number of messages you wish to migrate. E.g. TeamsMaxConversationMessage=1000 would load 1000 messages per team. This may slow your migration, so plan accordingly if you use this option.

1000 is the max number of conversations that can be migrated. All messages not migrated to the teams channels will be migrated to an HTML tab.




Bulk Add

Bulk Add now shows the correct ‘Destination Library’ column label name instead of ‘Source Library’ for Google Drive to SharePoint projects.


Help Center Redesign

If you've visited the Help Center recently, you might have noticed a bit of a change! This is a cosmetic redesign to bring us into line with the BitTitan branding. It also offers a simplified structure, and is part of an overall project to make our migration guides more intuitive through the use of more formatting options. 

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